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The selection of links below will complement and enrich your research. Explore each to get a feel for the different perspective each presents regarding the treatment options for prostate cancer.This selection of links I have chosen represent a sampling of leading institutions and informative websites concerning prostate cancer. The Decision is not a comprehensive text on prostate cancer and is not intended to be. It will however help clarify what you have learned through your research to help you in making "your decision."  The Decision will hopefully add texture to what you've learned and personalize your "decision making" uniquely to you and your disease. The Decision is only one arrow in your quiver, but a very necessary one.
Following the links is a daily updated RSS feed on topics in the news about prostate cancer from Medical News Today.

theprostatedecision blog

McHugh Decision Worksheet-Have you learned enough about yourself and your cancer to answer these questions intelligently?

McHugh Decision Cheat Sheet

American Cancer Society

American Urologic Association-Patient guide to localized prostate cancer.

Johns Hopkins-James Buchanan Brady Urologic Institute

Watchful waiting or Active surveillance

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Mayo Clinic- Prostate Cancer Overview

Cancer.net-Oncologist-approved information on prostate cancer-American Society of Clinical Oncology

Interview of Patrick Walsh by Charlie Rose-Informative and Dr. Walsh's book on prostate cancer is the "other" book you should buy.

Medscape.com-Controversies in Prostate Cancer

WebMD-Prostate Cancer Health Center

Cleveland Clinic-Guide to Prostate Cancer Treatment

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound treatment of Prostate Cancer


A.U.A. Best Practice Policy Statement on Cryosurgery (Printable PDF file)

National Cancer Institute

You most probably were sent to a urologist from your Family Doctor. Here's a Family Doctor link and their take on the options.

Interesting comparison of Robotic vs. Open prostatectotmy in terms of medical and urological risk factors.

Patrick Walsh- Post prostatectomy incontinence-what to expect-This applies to both the open and robotic method. This is excellent.

The most popular article on prostate cancer at Medicalnewstoday.com-Includes video link.


The particulars of who are you, the specifics of your disease, as well as your assesment of risk vs. cure issues are all necessary components of a well thought out decision.
As my mother would say: "John, don't let short term gratification allow you to lose sight of long term gain." When it comes to prostate cancer treatments, the patient must consider the treatment chosen from the perspective of the short term (getting through the treatment), and the long term ( how you will do in terms of the side effects of the treatment months later,as well as your prospect for cure). To consider one aspect and not the other is a decision made in error. 


Have you considered everything and used all of the resources at your disposal in making your decision?

Be careful not to be a one-dimensional decision maker.